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Here’s how you can up your Insta Game
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Here’s how you can up your Insta Game

Certain posts on Instagram do better than others for two reasons; they’re favoured by Instagram’s algorithm or they’re eye-catching to other users. So which posts do best on Instagram?

Oliver Sotirios Bourne
June 13, 2022

Understand which posts do best

Certain posts on Instagram do better than others for two reasons; they’re favoured by Instagram’s algorithm or they’re eye-catching to other users. So which posts do best on Instagram?

1)     Contests and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love winning free things? Contests and giveaways are a great way to increase engagement. (Psst... Why not check the WYSPR app to see if there are any giveaways you can post about?)

2)    Seasonal/Pop culture trends and images

Get those Christmas jumpers out or try out that latest Insta story trend.

3)    Motivational photos

People on Insta are craving realness, don’t be afraid to share your failures or struggles.  

4)    It’s all about the face

Time to whip out the old selfie stick cause photos showing your face do better on Instagram.

5)    Cute animals

You already have thousands of photos of your adorable pet on your camera roll, why not share one with your followers?

6)   Insta Reels and IGTV

Insta algorithms are seriously backing and promoting reels and IGTV right now, give them a go!  

Now that you know which photos to post, how can you boost your engagement? Well, you can take a look at our blog on how to get more Insta likes here!

Start taking better photos

The quality of the photo plays a big part in how well it does. So here are a few tips when it comes to taking better photos:

  • Choose an appropriate background- maybe avoid taking a photo in the room you’ve been putting off cleaning for weeks. How about meeting up with a friend and trying out those car park photoshoots that have been all over your feed?
  • Lighting- lighting is the foundation of any photo. Natural lighting tends to do better than flash but don’t be scared to experiment!
  • Using tools to help you get the perfect shot- selfie sticks, tripods, ring lights, you name it, you should add these to your arsenal
  • Angles and framing- try using the grid setting on your phone’s camera to position your photo. Also, try playing around with the 0.5x camera option to create depth.
  • Live photos just aren’t cutting it? Try shooting 4k videos and screenshotting the parts you like best!

Spice up your feed

Looking for some Insta inspiration? Here are a few photo ops to keep in mind:

  • Symmetry- do those buildings line up perfectly? Why not share it with your friends, symmetry makes people feel calm and happy.
  • Patterns- fun and colourful patterns act as a well-needed break from today’s focus on minimalism.
  • Colour themes- try centring your feed around a few colours and snap a pic of anything that falls within that theme. It’s a great way to make your feed cohesive and flow.
  • Candids- who doesn’t love a good candid? Share parts of your life that you normally wouldn’t to make your feed feel more authentic. Photo dumps are a great way to share these photos!
  • Macro photography- the art of making small objects look life-size. Try getting a shot of the perfect snowflake next time it snows.
  • Vintage photos- vintage photos are all the rage right now. No need to invest in disposables though, there are free apps that’ll do the trick.

Let WYSPR help!

WYSPR is a great way to experiment with content on your feed that you normally wouldn’t post while still staying true to your Insta image.

It’s also a great way of finding out which posts create the most engagement, helping you figure out what to post in the future. So give it a go!

Download the WYSPR App & Take Your Insta Game To The Next Level!

Oliver Sotirios Bourne

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