Feed and Story post upload guide

Upload your insights for review and get paid! This will likely require five screenshots:

Step 2:


Pull up the tab to see all your insights.

Step 3:


Screenshot all your insights including the 'Interactions' and 'Discovery' section. This will likely require two screenshots depending on your device.

Your Feed post insights

Step 1:


Go to your post and click 'View Insights'

Story post insights

Step 1:


Go to your profile and click on the burger menu (yes, it’s really called that!)

Step 2:


Tap 'Archive'.

Step 3:

Tap the story that you posted for this task.

Step 4:


When viewing your story, swipe up to reveal the insights.

Step 5:


Take screenshots of the ‘Interactions’ and ‘Discovery’ sections, as well as the story.


Step 6:


Upload the screenshots from both the feed and story post for us to review and get paid!