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The WYSPR platform allows brands to turn their consumers into a competitive advantage and create the most authentic content and brand advocacy on social media.

WYSPR platform
bespoke campaigns

The Future of Brand Marketing

Turn your consumers into influencers and launch campaigns with 100's or even 1000's of Friendfluencers™️. Use them to create authentic UGC, drive sales, or even run surveys. Manage this all alongside Influencers as well!

1. Find UGC creators

Either Invite your customers to be your UGC advocates, or tap into our superb roster of list of free to access creators.

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2. Create a campaign

Use our simple form, create a campaign outlining what kind of content you want the creators to make.

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3. Content goes live!

Watch the creators post the amazing UGC on their personal socials and measure the organic performance.

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The platform

The WYSPR Platform

Manage brands

Create unique brand profiles that allow you to organise your campaigns for all the different brands you represent.  

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Create Campaign

Create custom campaigns in minutes. Select whether you want to use Friendfluencers or Influencers, either promotional or survey campaigns, and the platform you wish to find creators for. Give them direct instructions and then send out the job listing!

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Find Creators

Once your campaign is live, receive applications from creators to work on your campaign. See all details of their average performance along with their audience insights. Accept or decline their applications depending on whether they fit your target goals.

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Manage Campaigns

The WYSPR platform is designed for volume and performance. Manage your budget and costs of 100's of creators all in one place with live updates of their stage in the process and results as they are uploaded.

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Robust Analytics

Measure the total results of your campaigns in real time on the insights page. Everything is recorded all directly from the creators through our technology.

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OUR vision

Our Vision For Wyspr

Try new and make
things happen

They say that there's no shame in failing, the shame is in not trying. We believe this is the best approach to building a successful, open-minded team. The confidence to take ownership and question the status quo are essential to the workplace we want to build.

Honesty and kindness
always win

A culture of feedback needs a foundation of kindness. We believe that openness and transparency promotes the exchange of constructive two-way feedback that helps to build a better workplace and happier team members.

Keep an open mind

We’re flexible and give our team a lot of freedom, starting from choosing a place and time for work, to encouraging new skills, even beyond the scope of daily routines. Believe it or not, this can be a challenge because being independent means taking responsibility for your own decisions and actions.

Celebrate diversity,
focus on inclusion

We've always wanted to go beyond creating a product to building a culture that's open, free, creative, bold, safe and easy-going for everyone. Not just a great workplace for employees, but for people. Our doors are wide open to everyone who wants to create good things, develop this place and be at home. Be yourself.


The Benefits of WYSPR

We're the only service that allows any Instagram user to monetize their influence and spread the word about brands they love.

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x10 Engagement Rates

Friends and family care about what we have to say and their posts rank higher in social media algorithms.

x5 More Likely To Buy

Consumers are five times more influenced by their friends and family than celebrities when making a purchase decision.

Hyper Targeted

No more wasted marketing spend. Friendfluencers have smaller audiences which means more accurate campaigns.

The perks

Authentic and Inclusive

WYSPR's bespoke crowd-promotion service provides a data driven alternative to Influencer marketing and market research, harnessing the power of the individual to promote your brand and collect data in the most authentic manner possible.

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WYSPR Platforms Perks