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Frequent Questions

Why am I getting no invites?

It is important that you express all your interest and try to maximise your engagement percentage. The more areas of interest you have and the higher your engagement rate, the more job offers you will receive.

Does 'too many sponsored posts' exist?

Yes. Remember, these are your friends and they follow you to see you. Of course, the brand and products you love are a big part of you so publish them whenever you want but too many can alienate your friends.

Will there be negativity for my sponsored posts?

You may experience this from this as many won't see the benefits, but remember, as consumers a big part of our identity is what we buy and there is nothing wrong with supporting that. Negativity is likely to come when a post is inauthentic, so make sure you truly believe in the product.

Can I connect more than one Instagram account to my WYSPR account?

You may be using one or more than one Instagram account to work through, but these will have to be kept separate and be connected to separate Facebook pages. If we approach you for a job on one profile it must be completed with that profile. To check the invites for others you will have to log out and then back in again on WYSPR app.

How can I be sure I'm not paying to reach fake followers?

At WYSPR, we don’t focus on the follower count of Creatives but instead their engagement rate. As a result, there is no incentive to acquire fake followers, and in fact, if they did it would reduce their engagement rate and their pay as fake followers offer no interaction! Regardless, if we identify a Creative with fake followers they will be removed from our systems.

Is WYSPR cutting out Advertising, Media, PR or Creative Agencies?"

Of course not! We don’t mind who approaches us for a campaign on behalf of the brand. We work closely with many agencies to assist them in whatever way we can.

Is WYSPR a platform?

No, unlike many others in our industry we believe in hand-selecting the Creatives that work for you to make sure that they are the most authentic in the field. As a result, we are a tailored service and not a platform.

Can I browse Creatives before I start a campaign?

No, as we aren't a platform our friendvertiser database is private. As part of our bespoke service, part of what we do is commissioning the perfect collection of creatives to work on your campaign.