22X more UGC created for Aparatus experiential launch

22X more UGC created for Aparatus experiential launch

Aparatus, a trendsetting fashion brand, believes in the philosophy that the true essence of fashion lies in its utility. When the brand decided to launch its new Work & Wear capsule in the renowned Selfridges, it faced a pressing challenge. The constraint of time and limited resources made an in-house campaign appear to be a daunting task.

The Strategy:
Understanding the ethos of Aparatus and the potential of the Work & Wear capsule, our team brainstormed and crafted multiple campaign concepts. After a series of deliberations and discussions with the Aparatus team, we settled on an in person strategy with Friendfluencers at the launch.

We handpicked 22 Friendfluencers to grace the Selfridges Pop-Up. Armed with the freedom to take their photos, they captured the essence of the Work & Wear capsule in their unique styles, making the collection feel personal and relatable. They showcased these photos on their Instagram accounts, creating a genuine and organic buzz around Aparatus brand and its new collection.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  1. Staggering Engagement Rates: The campaign witnessed a phenomenal engagement rate of 18.7%. This rate is nearly 8 times higher than the industry average, signifying the deep impact of Friendfluencers and their genuine connection with their audience.
  2. User-Generated Content Galore: With 22 Friendfluencers at the helm, the campaign generated 22 unique pieces of user-generated content (UGC). This UGC was not only authentic and captivating but also cost-effective for Aparatus. The brand could reuse this content across various platforms, enhancing the campaign's reach without additional expenses.
  3. Boosting In-Person Sales: The magic of Friendfluencers lies in their organic reach. Their presence at the Selfridges Pop-Up drew their followers and admirers to the store. The excitement was palpable, with the target demographic crowding the pop-up, and the cascading effect of their interactions led to a tangible increase in in-store sales. The icing on the cake? Some celebrities also made appearances, adding to the fervor and hype surrounding the collection.

Aparatus's launch of the Work & Wear capsule at Selfridges stands as a testament to the power of genuine engagement and smart strategy. Through the strategic use of Friendfluencers, the campaign not only raised awareness but also tangibly increased sales, cementing Aparatus's reputation as a forward-thinking fashion brand.