Delivering 280% higher organic value for GAEA olive oil in the UK

Delivering 280% higher organic value for GAEA olive oil in the UK


New to the UK market, GAEA food products wanted to make a splash by positioning themselves as an affordable high quality alternative to existing commercial olive oils and Greek food products in the UK market. The challenge was to both sustainably gain notoriety in a new market with a limited budget alongside providing adaptive insight into familiarity and consumption habits.


Using the WYSPR platform, WYSPR engaged both Friendfluencers™️ and influencers for a strategic 2-part campaign to build a comprehensive authentic advocacy programme.

Friendfluencers™️ were instructed to post 2 stories back to back. The first post was a a poll on their story asking 'Have you ever tried authentic Greek Olive Oil?'

Post 2 shared their favourite product shot from the GAEA Instagram to their story with a positive comment encouraging their friends and family to try the phenomenal quality of GAEA Olive Oil with a link to the E-commerce store.

Influencers were invited to create new and vibrant content with the product and participate in a series of giveaways hosted on the influencers page.

The first 3-months saw micro-giveaways with a winner for each influencer participating. The prize was a bundle of GAEA food goods to the winner.

The following 3 months saw a collective giveaway across all influencers participating for a grand-prize of a Greekend getaway (2-flights, 2 nights) to Athens.

Entry into the giveaways required the audience to both engage with the post and follow GAEA on Instagram.

The key strategy to the influencer portion of the campaign is to make sure that the influencer used for the giveaway has an appropriate audience that would genuinely find the introduced brand interesting.

We call this cross-pollination audience growth. This method meant that we can retain entrants as an audience of the brand being promoted, and because they are interested in the space, they remain active and engaged on the brands page.

As such, all content produced by the brand will be seen by the new audience, moving them down GAEA's marketing funnel.

WYSPR considers this one of the most effective uses of influencers because not only do you benefit from their influence, but you're extracting value from their audience that lasts.

Friendfluencer™️ Benefits

4% click through rate 9% response rate

Friendfluencer™️ promotion post achieved a 4% click through rate to GAEA via friend to friend recommendations, and the Poll  posts achieved a 9% response rate from consumers to measure penetration in real time.

2x cost effective organic views

Our Friendfluencer activations delivered views 150% over the scope of the original budget and 2x more than the average cost per organic view in influencer marketing.

34% engagement rate

With the average influencer engagement rate at 2.4%, this demonstrates the authentic value of Friendfluencing™️ when introducing a new product to market. The achieved average engagement rate via Friendfluencers totalled 34%.

Influencer Benefits

2,500 new net followers

One of the key focuses of this campaign was to grow the number of followers on the GAEA Instagram account. Our target was to grow 500 new monthly gross followers which we exceeded. We achieved 2,500 net new followers meaning we kept an 83% retention rate minimum showing that the followers gained remain interested.

174,910 Organic impressions, 7.3% engagement rate

The impressions and engagement results from the influencer portion of this demonstrate the value of the giveaway strategy in generating awareness and engagement. Engagement rate alone is 3x higher than industry average.

81 content pieces made

Finally, one of the largest value adds of WYSPR's process is the sheer volume of UGC created totalling 81 pieces.