Dark Pink

Driving 10x ROAS for darkpink's summer line

Driving 10x ROAS for darkpink's summer line

Darkpink, a coveted name in women's fashion, was poised to unveil their summer line of dresses. The vision was clear – captivate new audiences and translate intrigue into sales. As Darkpink's entrusted digital ally, WYSPR had a challenge to craft an influential campaign that did more than just showcasing; it needed to transform observers into buyers.

Our Masterstroke - The WYSPR Approach:

Harnessing the Power of Friendfluencers™️:
Amidst the plethora of influencers, Friendfluencers™️ hold a special niche. They resonate authenticity, credibility, and local influence. Recognizing this, WYSPR embarked on a two-fold campaign strategy:

  1. Show and Tell: The Friendfluencers™️ were prompted to curate their first story post. They dove deep into Darkpink's Instagram, selecting their favorite summer dress and adding their touch with a spirited comment encapsulating the summer essence.
  2. Engage and Convert: The objective wasn't just to showcase but to engage. The narrative we crafted was designed to resonate, encourage clicks, and facilitate seamless purchasing journeys.

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Outcomes - The Summer Phenomenon:

  1. Stellar Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): As the campaign was intricately woven around the summer narrative, its crescendo harmonized with the zenith of the summer holidays. July, the epitome of summer, saw an unparalleled 10x ROAS. Over the campaign's span of five months, the average soared to an impressive 5x.
  2. Traffic Triumph: Darkpink's virtual footprint witnessed a meteoric rise. Under WYSPR's strategy, and being the sole channel of social advertising during this phase, there was an awe-inspiring 67% surge in social media traffic.
  3. Instagram – The Golden Goose: By capitalizing on Instagram, Darkpink's liveliest social conduit, we tapped into a reservoir of potential buyers. The result? A staggering 111% escalation in sales via the platform.

"WYSPR's involvement was nothing short of transformative. They didn't just enhance; they revolutionized our traffic and sales metrics through social channels as we unfurled our summer collection. Their strategies were pivotal in garnering the volume of traffic and revenue we witnessed."

"WYSPR demonstrably increased both traffic and sales through socials as our only source of social advertising as we launched our summer line. Without them, we would not have generated the traffic and revenue we did"

Hamid Haq
CEO Maderite Group