The Athenian

Generating a 39% local view rate for new UK Athenian locations through UGC

Generating a 39% local view rate for new UK Athenian locations through UGC

The Athenian emerged in 2020 as a beacon in the UK's food industry, accelerating at a pace few could match. As they scaled new heights, expanding their presence across London and Brighton, they faced a pivotal challenge: ensuring their growth was underpinned by local love and loyalty. This is where WYSPR stepped in.

Crafting the Blueprint:
In the vast ocean of digital marketing, we at WYSPR believe in the essence of authenticity. Leveraging Friendfluencers—locally rooted influencers with a deeply engaged follower base—we devised a strategy that blended genuine endorsements with digital virality.

For every new The Athenian outlet that sprouted, 27 meticulously chosen local Friendfluencers were empowered to experience and then echo the brand's ethos. Be it through a first-hand dine-in experience or a cosy Deliveroo order at home, they shared tales of The Athenian's commitment to health and unparalleled Greek flavours.

Outcomes Mapped to WYSPR's Involvement:

  1. Driving Local Love: With a lion's share of 82% views originating from our target cities, it was evident that our hyper-local strategy was a resounding success. This wasn’t serendipity; it was a direct result of WYSPR's deep understanding of digital footprints and audience behaviours.
  2. Unprecedented Engagement: A 39% view rate doesn't just happen by chance. Our team’s precision in choosing the right Friendfluencers, coupled with their organic, relatable content, made this standout engagement possible.
  3. A Culinary Crown: The zenith of this collaboration was The Athenian clinching the 'Restaurant of the Year' title on Deliveroo. As their foremost digital strategist and partner, WYSPR’s fingerprints were all over this achievement. Our endeavours in amplifying their digital presence and moulding public perceptions played an instrumental role in this crowning glory.

Reflecting on the Odyssey:
It’s one thing to grow, but to grow with gravitas, to have your growth rooted in genuine appreciation and community love, that’s a different ballgame. The Athenian’s transformative growth trajectory wasn’t just about numbers; it was about narratives, stories, and local connections. And at the heart of this remarkable journey, was WYSPR, orchestrating, guiding, and celebrating every milestone alongside.