Yo! Sushi

Delivering a 19x engagement rate with UGC for Yo! Sushi

Delivering a 19x engagement rate with UGC for Yo! Sushi

Setting the Scene:
Yo! Sushi, an emblematic name in the UK food scene, has continuously been a game-changer since its inception in 1997. With footprints across the globe and a presence in every major supermarket, the brand's legacy is undeniable. 2020 brought with it a unique blend of challenges and opportunities: the global pandemic changed the dining landscape, and Yo! Sushi decided to further enhance their unique conveyor belt system. Coupled with their extended 'Eat Out For Longer' offer, the task at hand was crystal clear – effectively communicate these changes to sushi aficionados near the revamped locations.

Our Solution: Unleashing the Power of Friendfluencers™️:
Understanding the modern diner's psyche, we identified three primary aspirations:

  1. Value-driven, mouth-watering meals.
  2. Safe, hygienic, and personal dining spaces.
  3. Fresh and exhilarating dining escapades.

With this triad in focus, we employed our secret weapon: Friendfluencers™️. Handpicked for their geographical relevance and authentic engagement, over 30 Friendfluencers™️ were mobilized. Their mission? To personally experience and then broadcast the reimagined Yo! Sushi dining spectacle.

Benefits Delivered by WYSPR:

  1. Sky-High Engagement: The numbers spoke volumes. A whopping 45% engagement rate was achieved, dwarfing traditional influencers by an impressive 19 times! This didn't happen by chance; it's a testament to the authentic connections that Friendfluencers™️ foster with their audiences.
  2. Pinpoint Geographic Reach: Geographic relevance was paramount, given the campaign's hyper-local objectives. Our Friendfluencers™️, given their closely-knit community ties, ensured that a staggering 73% of the outreach was perfectly aligned with the targeted cities and towns, corresponding to the upgraded Yo! Sushi locations.
  3. Smashing View Targets: With a multi-pronged content strategy that spanned Instagram stories to the dynamic Reels, our Friendfluencers™️ created a content tsunami, achieving views that were 170% above our set benchmarks. Considering our benchmarks already align with industry standards, the resultant Return on Investment (ROI) was nothing short of spectacular.

In Hindsight:
In a world altered by the pandemic, dining out wasn't just about the food; it was about safety, novelty, and value. Yo! Sushi's vision, combined with WYSPR's unparalleled prowess in leveraging Friendfluencers™️, led to a campaign that wasn't just successful in numbers but also in crafting memorable dining experiences. The Yo! Sushi narrative was elegantly interwoven with the personal tales of our Friendfluencers™️, culminating in a campaign that resonated, engaged, and most importantly, invited diners to be part of this redefined sushi journey.